How to Make Money as an Investigative Journalist

Some of the practical ways in which you, as an investigative journalist, can make money include:

  1. By monetizing your content with ad revenue: This is one of the most straightforward ways to earn money as an investigative journalist. It is just a matter of creating a website or a YouTube channel through which you would be publishing your investigative journalism content. Then the folks who visit the website or the YouTube channel would be exposed to ads, which would then result in you earning some money. If you have truly good investigative content — which attracts thousands of visitors per day — you can end up making decent sums of money through ad revenue.
  2. By monetizing your content with subscriptions: The idea is to create truly good investigative journalism content, then have folks pay directly for it. For instance, you can install a paywall on the website through which you publish your content. You would then have folks who wish to access/view the content pay subscription fees… Obviously, your content has to be truly compelling for this strategy to work. Just think about it. What, for instance, does it take to get someone to visit the portal, sign in there, and transfer funds from his prepaid card to your account as payment for investigative journalism content? Surely the content has to be truly good for that to work!
  3. By seeking donations: There are individuals (and organizations) that are willing to fund investigative journalism. You need to connect with such individuals and organizations. Then demonstrate to them that you are truly serious about investigative journalism, in order to have them make donations to you.
  4. By selling your content to publishers who are willing to pay: If you have truly engaging investigative content, you can approach the major newspapers [and other publishers], and try to get them to buy the content from you. Some may buy it directly even as others opt to hire you as an in-house investigative journalist. Either way, you would get to earn money from your investigative journalism work.

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